FCHS Open Day, February 2024

Ending February on a high, we were thrilled to welcome over 700 UAE high school students to explore and learn about studying health sciences at FCHS. This also included a co-created, student-led patient journey role play that encompassed a taster of all our major health sciences programs. This enabled high school students to not only gain an insight of what it will be like to study at FCHS, but it also allowed them to see the power and potential of Interprofessional Education, something that FCHS is striving to excel at across all its programs and campuses. Please take a moment to read this blog written by Sarah, one of our brilliant students from Abu Dhabi.

Sarah’s Blog

Today was a monumental occasion at our college as we welcomed high school students to our Open Day event. It served as a window into the plethora of opportunities available in healthcare, spanning majors such as Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Health Assistance, Paramedics, Psychology, Radiologic Medical Imaging (RMI), and Pharmacy.

Each major meticulously prepared booths equipped with information and engaging activities. Students had the chance to immerse themselves in various healthcare tasks and gain insights into potential career paths. The crowning moment of the day was a collaborative scenario, a first for our college, where students from different majors showcased their abilities to work cohesively. Despite minimal rehearsal time, the scenario unfolded seamlessly, highlighting the teamwork and proficiency of our students.

Sarah Alshehhi, a Paramedic student and member of the student council, shared her enthusiasm, stating, “It was an unforgettable experience. I relished learning new skills from diverse majors and connecting with talented future healthcare professionals.” Echoing this sentiment, Ashwaq, a student in RMI and also a member of the student council, remarked, “It surpassed my expectations. The scenario was well-executed, reflecting real-world situations. I’m grateful for this enriching opportunity.”

Intsar, a Paramedic Student, who portrayed the role of the mother, remarked, “Today’s experience was amusing and unexpectedly turned out well.” Dua Alhamadi, a paramedic student and member of the student council, expressed,“This event was very phenomenal, and surpassed all expectations as it’s the first event fully led and directed by the students, as well as being the first event handled by the newly formed student council”

As members of the student council, we take immense pride in orchestrating an event that not only showcases our college but also aids high school students in navigating their future in healthcare. We aspire to make this event an annual tradition, fostering collaboration and camaraderie among students while spotlighting the excellence of our institution. Today’s success reaffirms our commitment to nurturing the next generation of healthcare leaders, equipped with not only technical proficiency but also empathy and compassion. We express our heartfelt appreciation to all who contributed to the success of this event, driving us closer to a future brimming with excellence in healthcare education.