Dr. John Totman (Research Lead)

As the Head of Research at FCHS, I have the exciting and rewarding task of steering our research agenda and nurturing a thriving research community. My role is all about creating an environment where innovation and research excellence can flourish in the field of health sciences.

We focus on developing and implementing strategies that align with the college’s goals, ensuring that our research activities are not only first-class but also impactful on public health and medical advancements. Part of this involves managing resources effectively in ways that maximize our research potential and support health-related initiatives.


Collaboration is at the heart of what the research department does. We work to build strong partnerships within our college and with external organizations—whether that’s other academic institutions, healthcare providers, industry leaders, or government bodies. By fostering these connections, we help facilitate interdisciplinary research and open doors to new opportunities and discoveries in health sciences.

Ensuring that our research adheres to ethical standards and regulatory requirements is another crucial aspect of the department’s role. We oversee compliance and work to create policies that support a robust and responsible research culture, particularly important in health sciences where ethical considerations are paramount.

Mentorship is also key, we support our researchers, offering guidance and opportunities for professional growth, helping develop their skills.

We also monitor our research performance, using various metrics to assess progress and impact. Regular reporting helps maintain transparency and accountability, ensuring that we continue to excel and make meaningful contributions to health science fields.

In essence, my role as Head of Research is about support, and advocacy—all aimed at fostering an environment where ground breaking health sciences research can thrive.