Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, and a lot of our students continue their education abroad.
  • UAE students and daughter of UAE students can apply through the Ministry of education portal (NAPO), however the non- UAE students can apply directly on FCHS admission portal.
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate, in addition to diploma and higher Diploma in some programs.


  • No, we don’t have student accommodation.
  • Currently we only offer Bachelor’s degree.


رقم التواصل – Contact numbers


Abu Dhabi

02 – 507 8765


Al Ain

03 – 703 5500



06 – 701 7200


Al Dhafra

02 – 898 6914


Hospitals, Health centers, specialist entities that relate to the qualification as well as schools.

Yes, the student needs to submit the requested documents to the admissions department by
email and pay 500 AED for the credit transfer request.

  • Currently we only accept female students, however, FCHS only accept male students through the external projects such as Human resources Authority and NAFIS to study specific programs.

Yes. For locals only and it depends on the student’s CGPA per semester and the program into which a student is enrolled.

– For new students enrolled in the first semester they will receive an amount of 1000 AED monthly.

– Please visit the incentives page on FCHS web site for more details:

  • By contacting the students’ services department in the student’s campus by email.
  • Yes, we have transportation for students who live in Northern Emirates for a certain districts, and you can check with the students service department about the covered areas by the transportation.

Yes, there is, (Health Authority AD, Ministry of Health & Prevention, AD Police, Cleveland Clinic,
DHA, MOE, GHQ & Department of Education and Knowledge), DCAS, National Ambulance. This
list is updated annually.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

127 credit hours


Bachelor in Pharmacy

166 credit hours


Bachelor in Physiotherapy

138 credit hours


Bachelor in  Medical Imaging

137 credit hours


Bachelor in Emergency Health (Paramedic)

133 credit hours


 Bachelor of Science in Psychology

125 credit hours


Bachelor of Science in Midwifery

120 credit hours


Diploma in Health Care assistant

90  credit hours 

It depends on the program. Students generally complete 30 to 36 credit hours annually.

  • FCHS transportation is free for locals; non-locals pay 2000 AED per semester & 1000 AED for summer course.

No. It’s already attested from the Ministry of Higher Education to be used inside UAE,
but in case any graduated student wants to study abroad she will have to request for
another attestation from the Ministry of Higher Education first.

  • Student can transfer between the campuses by filling change campus form in a certain period, and this transfer is accompanied by the head of department and students’ services approval according to the available capacity.


  • Student can transfer to other programs by filling change major/program form in a certain period, and this transfer is accompanied by the head of department and students’ services approval according to the available capacity and after fulfilling the admission criteria for this program. (note: student can transfer only one time).