FCHS Scholarship

  • Full Scholarship for UAE Nationals
  • For Non-UAE Nationals:
    • 50% Discount if CGPA>=3.6
    • 30% Discount if CGPA is between 3.0 and 3.59
Admission fees (AED)

Tuition Fees /Crd. (AED)

Other Expenses(AED)

1,000 (Non Refundable)


Bus Fees :

2,000 for each semester (1 and 2)

1,000 (summer Semester)

  • ​​​​Tuition fees exclude books and any other expenses such as transportation, laptops, lab coat, uniform, internship abroad, etc.
  • ​The due annual tuition fees can be paid in total or in a maximum two installments at each academic term.​​​​​
  • The student will pay AED 2,500 per Credit/Hour again in case of repeating the subject.
  • If the student repeats the final exams only, no need to pay AED 2,500 per Credit/Hour.
  • The first instalment is nonrefundable in case the students drop the course however; the same instalment can be transferred to the next semester.
  • IAT , ADVETI or ACTVET employees’ children will benefit of 50% discount.
  • The tuition fees are fully refundable if the student withdraws before start of classes. Students shall be credited up to 75% of tuition in the following semester if they withdraw in the “Add-Drop” period, and up to 50% of tuition if they withdraw before the end of the withdrawal period.​