Our Alumni

Our alumni community is extremely important to us as their contributions extend far beyond their time on campus. It serves as a vibrant hub to unite and empower this network of accomplished individuals, where shared memories, achievements, and experiences come to life. By actively participating in our alumni community, you not only strengthen your ties with fellow graduates but also open doors to new opportunities. Whether it’s professional networking, mentorship, or simply keeping the spirit of our alumni community. Join us in fostering a dynamic and enduring community that continues to make a positive impact in the world.

Here are some of our Alumni stories:


Shamsa Al Ghfeli

August 2018 was my starting point in the physiotherapy field as a student at FCHS. At first, things were new to me, and I found myself a step behind my classmates thinking I was slow.

Eventually, with continuous self-motivation, family support, and feedback from my teachers, I was able to progress and enjoy my time as a physiotherapy student. Feeling at peace with myself and excited by my student journey consolidated me to be more confident. I started paving my steps forward by participating in many physiotherapy-related events and conferences. I was also part of the student council at the college for two years. Through all these participations, I was able to develop many skills including effective communication, leadership, and event planning.

My undergraduate program allowed me to explore various hospitals for my clinical placements including Tawam Hospital, Al Ain Hospital, Amana Healthcare, Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center and Orthoplus Bone and Joint Center. During my training period at these hospitals, I was able to get exposed to different cases and conditions which improved my hands-on skills. I built a strong student-educator bond and trust with all my educators and communicated effectively with them regarding any issues or queries. Also, I was able to prepare an assessment and treatment plan by myself for some patients individually with the supervision of my educators. I’m sure that I was able to leave a very good impression on my teachers and educators until my last day at FCHS as a student.

As a student in FCHS, my program and my teachers prepared me the attributes and underlying values of healthcare professional such as how to be honest, self-motivated, efficient, reliable & responsible, committed to learning, being ethical and respectful. All these attributes I will carry forward in every step of my professional life to excel in my career.

Not very long after graduating, I applied for job opening at FCHS and got selected, and received a job offer for the position of Lab Specialist at FCHS – physiotherapy department. I was honored to have the trust of the physiotherapy team and happy to be back at FCHS as a staff. During my time as a staff, I was able to experience preparing and teaching lab sessions to the students. I was also responsible for the lab equipment. Additionally, participating in planning and executing different events was one of the things I did during my time at FCHS. Those events included Breast Cancer Awareness Day and hosting high school students to orient them regarding the physiotherapy program at FCHS.

Recently, I have applied for Al Ain Hospital job vacancy, got interviewed and received an offer to join Al Ain Hospital as a Physiotherapist. I got the offer for this position according to my excellent performance during my clinical placement at Al Ain Hospital when I was a student.

It was a moment of pride for me to see myself progressing with time and to get the recognition for my hard work, my educational background, and the sincerity I have for my field. I will continue my career pathway with the same passion and excitement and I’m sure that better opportunities will always be there for me.  


Noura AlHosani 

As a Psychology student (from 2020- 2024), I have a lot of fond memories, but I am most happy that I was part of the FCHS community because it has taught me a lot about having a good network around you and building relationships with peers, professors, and mentors. FCHS helped me gain the knowledge of cultural awareness, where there is more than one nationality in either studying or working in FCHS, it has brought people from diverse backgrounds together. This exposure has helped develop cultural awareness and an understanding of different perspectives, which is an advantage in a globalized and diverse workplace. I was very proud of my graduation research project about “Stigma associated with seeking psychological help among students”. It was applied on the FCHS Abu Dhabi campus. It was my proudest moment finding out that I got a perfect score after all the hard work.

Rwdah Alameri

I graduated from Fatima College of Health Sciences’ Radiography & Medical Imaging Program in 2020. The years I spent in the program were among the most engaging, exciting, and enlightening of my entire educational journey. My instructors and lecturers not only encouraged and supported me in studying and applying my knowledge to assist others, but also paved the way for me to pursue a successful career in radiography. The program, while challenging, was profoundly interesting. Having been exposed to various fields of Radiology and medical sciences, I made the decision to further my education in science, focusing specifically on molecular sciences. Now that I have graduated, I am pursuing my PhD in Molecular Sciences, feeling exceptionally fortunate among my peers to possess such a strong scientific foundation, which I attribute to my decision to enroll in FCHS’s Radiography & Medical Imaging Program.