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The Student Services Team

The Student Services Team are dedicated to create a supportive, friendly and stimulating environment which is conducive to learning. This team strives to promote holistic student well-being, personal growth, leadership development, social responsibility, student empowerment; as well as social, emotional and career development.

The Student Services department presents real opportunities for personal development to compliment classroom learning and academic success of the students. There are ample opportunities available for students throughout the academic year for leadership development, self-awareness, social interaction, team building, character building, self-management to name a few.

Through this department, a variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, events, workshops, and training are organized to raise students’ awareness of college expectations, policies and procedures, and rules and regulations to ensure smooth transition into college life; as well as to develop fully functional world-class healthcare professionals and healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

The Student Services Department


Student organizations
and clubs on campus


Public programs every


Students living in on-
campus housing

Support Services offered through

  • Counselling Services
  • Career Guidance
  • Health Clinic
  • Special Needs
  • Extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities
  • Leadership training
  • Complaint and suggestion scheme
  • Student Advising


All services related to academic records, and policies and procedures are offered by the Academic Services Department. The team uses a customer-cantered approach in dealing with all enquiries from students, family members and staff. In collaboration with Student Services, the team strive to facilitate student retention, academic advancement and graduation of every student.