Career Guidance

Career Guidance

FCHS Career Guidance will help students in all academic levels to achieve the objectives of their career plans, such as choosing the right career, helping pursue the right courses, and deciding on the right specialization at FCHS and Training Institutes. These actions guide students in choosing a suitable career which enhances their aspirations, personalities, ambitious and future goals.

Career guidance can help in smoothing out this important path of transition.
FCHS Career Guidance services:

  • Vocational orientation and career information
  • Job interview (brochure)
    Curriculum Vitae (CV) (examples)
  • Clinical courses (undergraduate students)
  • Warehouse careers (graduate’s students)
  • Workshops

Career Guidance Team aims to offer resources and opportunities which assist students and graduates to realize career opportunities. They equip students and graduates with necessary skills, tools and resources to explore their future career choice. They organize workshops, employment events, and personal consultations sessions in a student-centered environment; and assist students at all academic levels at FCHS to make informed decisions about their future careers. It is the main source for guidance that helps the students make decision on their undergraduate or postgraduate specializations as they plan their careers in healthcare professions.

How We Can Help

In addition to career guidance, Career Advisors offers:

​​​Support students finding appropriate work placement, internship opportunities, as well as part-time and full-time employment

Help students develop positive professional attitude

Offer one-to-one counselling to students to match their interests with suitable career

Support the students with issue pertaining or affecting their career development

Provide opportunities for job shadowing, and liaise with the industry and orient the students to the healthcare system

Don’t be shy. Reach out and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

Examples of Workshops Offered

  • Choosing Your Work Placement
  • Preparing for Work Placement
  • Effective Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Strategies for Job Hunting
  • Effective Interview Strategies and Tips
  • Job Offer and Salary Negotiation
  • Social Media in finding jobs (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Networking for Shy Students
  • Self-exploration for Career Choice