Facilities ar

The Estudiar University prepare you to launch your career by providing a supportive, creative, and professional.

Fully Equipped Facilities

The FCHS purpose-built classrooms, simulation labs, laboratories and libraries are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Wireless technologies, online learning, videoconferencing, computer labs, smart-boards and the internet are just some of the technologies in place at the FCHS to enhance student learning.

Contemporary libraries offer students an extensive range of research materials and other resources to complement classroom instruction. Gymnasiums and other recreational facilities have been purpose-built to enrich our students’ social experience through a range of extracurricular activities.

Technology Use & Wireless Campuses

FCHS in keeping pace with technology by providing the best access to the latest technology. Every FCHS campus and classrooms offers a high speed wireless environment with optimal speed and stability, which provides students and staff with the flexibility to access the Internet, email and other network applications without the restriction of cables or wires. Students are also allowed to bring their own portable devices to be registered to the campus network for free use of internet resources.


Consistent with the FCHS missions, technology resources aim to deliver programs of the highest quality which enables students to successfully cope and perform in a highly complex technological world.


FCHS campuses have “Technology Acceptable Use Policy” which all student are expected to adhere to and participate in a learning environment which respects the culture and traditions of the United Arab Emirates.


Students in breach of “Technology Acceptable Policy” may be subject to disciplinary action which may range from suspension of computer and network privilege to suspension or dismissal from the college

Safety and Security

FCHS recognizes the need to ensure that all students are properly safeguarded while in the college. Students interact with faculty, staff, visitors and other students on a daily basis. All the campuses are secured with boundary walls and access controlled security gates. Security staff allow only those who are authorized to enter the campuses.


Staff and students receive an identification card upon joining the college and must wear them at all times. Student and staff vehicles are only allowed if display the correct college sticker.


Students wishing to leave during class time are expected to obtain appropriate permission from Student Services. Security officers have the right to prevent female students from leaving the college without permission, and to carry out random checks on student and staff vehicles.

The FCHS’s security officers are appointed for the safety of the staff and students of the colleges, and should be treated with proper respect.


Each campus offers a cafeteria for students’ meals and snacks during the day. Every effort is made to ensure that meals are healthy, nutritious, satisfying and affordable. Food may only be consumed in the College Cafeteria , designated areas and outside patio areas.

Students are not allowed to bring food into the college with exception to some special circumstances if prior approval is obtained. Students may bring in birthday cakes if prior permission is granted from Student Services.

Food and drink are strictly prohibited inside classrooms, prayer rooms, libraries and laboratories.