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Message from FCHS Director

Dr. Ali Hilal Alnaqbi

Acting Director

Welcome to Fatima College of Health Sciences (FCHS); an institution where students are supported and encouraged to reach their potential.

Students encounter teaching staff and academic advisors who will encourage and support them to explore the disciplines offered. Time that students spend at FCHS should be a time of discovery, a time for intellectual, creative, and social challenges.

FCHS passion is to enable graduates to gain a depth and breadth of education at the bachelor’s level to ensure that graduates are well prepared to enter the workforce and are highly sought after as employees. Courses focus on specific healthcare programs required in the UAE whilst also deepening and expanding students’ knowledge, pursue interdisciplinary connections and build relationships with peers in other programs to enrich your studies and enhance academic culture in FCHS.

Academic quality assurance is vital in keeping FCHS programs at the forefront of international developments, whilst ensuring a local contextualization to the curricula. FCHS continues to develop both local and international collaborative efforts through partnerships with relevant entities. FCHS is committed to local development and social responsibility and encourages students and staff to participate in community service through volunteer work where relevant. Your journey at FCHS will be both educationally rewarding and fun. You will develop lifelong friendships as you pursue your studies ensuring that health promotion and healthcare in the UAE is of the highest quality.

I look forward to meeting you as you undertake your tertiary studies. I believe you will find FCHS to be an exciting, stimulating and supportive environment in which to shape your future. Make the most of your time with us and when you leave as a graduate ensure that you have achieved all the goals you set yourself before undertaking your studies at FCHS